Big Data - SWOT Analysis

Highlighting the strength, weakness, opportunities and Threats in Big Data

  • Helps research oriented topics for analytics and inquiry across domains of science, medical, history etc.
  • Academic excellence, opening new area of statistical research and BI
  • Great support from industry all over the world.
  • Microsoft join hands with open source community, launching Hadoop on Azure
  • Open source community will continue to prevail with Apache Mahout on Hadoop.
  • Buzzword created by tech firms
  • Moore’s Law: 2 years ago huge investment cost required for 1TB data storage, now this is easily achieved through cloud computing.

  • Lack of technology to support all formats, current implementation has complex logic
  • Lots of unstructured data present in platforms like - social media
  • Human conversation are messy, hard to process and currently unpredictable
  • Requires excessive human interpretation to process
  • Continuous monitoring required.


  • Always a cyber threat
  • Incorrect prediction due to garbage data as in case of social analytics, cannot predict human mindset.
  • Private confidential data analytics may prove hazardous, data need to be prioritized.

Do you feel there could be more points in respective section? Request you to share them, so that we can discuss on the same.


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