Cloud Trend at my location - Pune

Cloud Trend in Pune

Based on the conference and meets, held up by cloud enthusiasts in past few months

Have you ever realized the importance of data content posted on public forums? How crucial that bunch of data can be for a business analyst to know the trend of the technology in his/her domain? If your answer is "no" or "may be", then here is a blog than shows its potential.

 Through this blog I want to highlight a study that I have done over past few days to understand the cloud trend of my location. The study is based on the conferences that have been held over past few months and the profiles of author from social networking sites, linked-in.

Initially, the data captured looked gibberish and bulky, my excel file was getting flooded with huge texts, but during course of time, the graphical structures began making more and more sense. Some major trends of cloud study for my location Pune are as follows:

Classification  Trend related to Cloud Topics

Note: Cloud section has general cloud based topics.

Classification Trend related Age of the Speaker

Many other trends could have been incurred with the bunch of data. I wanted to highlight these 2 trends as these were quiet amazing for me.


1.       I thought Microsoft Azure is the most discussed topic in cloud community, but interestingly following observation were captured through Google trends.

Trend analysis was done on basic of Microsoft Azure key word search:

Trend analysis was done on basic of Amazon EC2 key word search:

As one can see the Microsoft Azure is getting more number of search than Amazon EC2, but from evangelism point of view in my state Amazon is leading the queue with 34%. So it infers that within past one – two months in spite of new technical advancement in terms of Azure, authors are not coming up with Azure related presentations in conferences. 

2.       Myth: If you are experienced then only people will be keen to hear you

Within past one month or two about 50% of speakers who gave their speech were having an age between 5 to 10. Interestingly, few youngsters were entrepreneurs. So the trend of youth sharing knowledge in Pune is commendable. This data capture is breaking the myth wherein people turned out to listen speakers who had experience above 10 or 15 years.


The idea of documenting this piece of information is to highlight the power of Big data which can curve a business by few effort given to data capture and analysis. As a layman, I can see a great opportunity of Azure related evangelism in my state. Although most of the companies here are either working on Microsoft related technologies, a great potential in Azure related evangelism awaits, and that has to be initiated by the vibrant and dynamic youth.


  1. Here age has been personified as work experience of the individual. Sorry for any kind of confusion :)


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