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Why we need to talk on OpenStack?

OpenStack is the upcoming revolution in the cloud domain. It has already shaken the tech savvy world with its publicly available source code. Yes! You heard it right. Open stack is fully open source and the code is readily available over the internet. Most people ask me that you are an evangelist of Big Data technology why you are diving into Openstack cloud infrastructure. Well, let me pen down my thoughts on why I am beating my brain out on this technology.
OpenStack was founded by the collaboration team of RackSpace and NASA. They wanted to create a platform for cloud domain which will be open sourced and having support for BigData and cloud based applications.
The first question when I heard about this technology was
Why OpenStack is needed?
Traditional IaaS OpenStack Apps were having less knowledge of the Infrastructure. Not designed for legacy application, designed for new technologies like big data and cloud. Whether it is VMware, or Microsoft the technology tend to be closed …