Common Port related Troubleshoot in Azure

Common Port related Troubleshoot 

This blog is mainly focused on issues that we face coding from behind a firewall. The content of this blog has be prepared gradually on basis of experience, and thus it has some contents discussed which were tested on the old management portal.

For Security reason, we tend to allow few ports for internet access. Mainly in organizations where there is a restricted access to ports, one may face different kinds of accessibility issues. To access different features in Azure there are some specified ports that one should look for and give permission to allow access. This blog will discuss situations where this kind issue is faced and how can we resolve them.

Port 1433

SQL Azure Connectivity
If you are planning to use SQL Azure as your backend, verify that the communication from your VSTS 2008 or 2010 to SQL Azure is working fine. When you create a database, you are given a database name.
<<database Name>>
To ensure that the SQL Azure connectivity is established you need to open 1433 port, so that your machine can have the access to the Cloud base SQL server.
tcp:<<database Name>>,1433
Note: this is a tcp connection to 1433 port so the above string needs to be inserted in VSTS for making the platform understand about the target system. 


Port 3389

Remote Desktop
In case one wants to take a remote connection to the virtual machine where his/her application has been hosted, he/she can use the Azure Connect feature.

To allow remote connection to the virtual machine, one has to ensure that port 3389 is enabled for access.

Port 22233/22243

Azure Cache

If one wants to use Azure Cache to make his/her data transaction from SQL Azure faster, or to maintain a session state, then there are two aspects that one should consider
1. If he/she wants to access the cache server through http then port 22233 needs to be opened in the firewall
2. If he/she wants to access the cache server over https protocol then port 22243 needs to be opened in the firewall.

Port 50030

Map Reduce job administration
If one is using HadoopOnAzure and wants to monitor the Map Reduce Job, one has to make sure that Port 50030 port is enabled in the firewall for the same.

Port 50070

HDFS Management

HDFS management in HadoopOnAzure/HDInsight can be done if the client is having access to Port 50070.
Note: Port 50030 and 50070 were tested on the CTP version of HadoopOnAzure. This has not been retested in the new HDInsight platform

Port 9454

Service Bus Access

To access Service Bus one has to make sure that port 9454 is enabled for communication. You can test this port by writing a small code using System.Net

TcpClient client = new TcpClient();
client.Connect("Service Bus Uri", 9454);



This blog is meant for the port accessibility issues which I faced while working with Azure from my organization’s network. This information pertains to firewall accessibility rules, ports that had to be given access and for which feature. I will keep updating this blog as and when I come across any such scenarios. Request my readers to contribute if they feel something is missing, or not appropriate.


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