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Azure Mobile Service + Node.JS + LinkedIn + Twitter + Azure Storage + HadoopOnAzure =

You might be wondering what kind of formulae is this. This is no mathematical equation, or any part of complex scenario. These are the ingredients of promising future technology, a technology that can curve the way we live. Over past many days I was working on Azure Mobile services and Node.JS. Both seem to integrate very well and can give amazing outcomes. So I though why not work on a real time solution that may prove helpful to either me as an individual or my community. After spending few hours thinking of what can be built, I got a ping from my friend, who asked me “How can I know about a company and what all the technologies it is working on?”. I responded back with a reply “Check Company portal, along with it also check the company page on LinkedIn and twitter and figure out what the members of those communities are tweeting or posting” Bang!!! There comes an idea. Today in this virtual world where everyone likes to stay connected on social platforms, the best way to infer facts …

LINKEDIN api call using NODE.JS OAUTH module

Wish you all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year 2013.
We usually say let’s forget the past and start with a new beginning. However personally I feel this past year will be never forgotten. The year 2012, saw a remarkable paradigm shift with Microsoft’s whole new Windows 8 and Surface technologies. On the Azure front, many cool features keep coming, whether it is HadoopOnAzure or Azure Mobile Service, Microsoft kept delivering the best that it could. The remarkable thing for me is when Microsoft started joining hands with open source communities like Hadoop. Open source community contributors have added value to Microsoft technologies. Be it support of Node.JS in Azure Mobile service or HDInsight using Hadoop framework, with every new feature a new opportunity opened for consumers and industries.
Let me now focus on today’s topic where I will be talking about a Proof of concept that will help you to use the code as per your requirement with ease. I have used LinkedIn apis t…