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3 days to create a data visualizer tool from scratch

In this blog I will like to pen down my 3days experience in learning a technology called NodeXL from scratch and creating an app out of that which can be downloaded for usage at This could have been done in a shorter span, but considering my laziness, the delay was bound to happen J Following is the story line best to my knowledge.
March 11, 2013 6:00pm
One of the member of the Microsoft’s Most Valued Professional group,  saw the Data Visualization section in NetMe and asked me about my experience in NodeXL. NodeXL is a free open source set of libraries which helps you create a graph out of a GraphML or GEXF file format. You can also create your custom graphs using the libraries. This is an easy to learn feature and very effective in Data Visualization. The objective was that NodeXL comes with an Microsoft Office Excel dependency, he was looking for an approach how we can remove this dependency and create a windows form app which will fetch the twit…

Visualize you favorite Facebook Pages

How this idea came?This feature is pretty interesting for me, and I liked connecting the dots. The story started when I saw a tweet from Avkash Chauhan wherein he mentioned the use of an open source tool Gephi for Data Visualization. He posted some videos related to how he was using Gephi to visualize the data at It was pretty interesting and felt inline to what NetMe aims to achieve. We saw a potential to give more insights to user discussion and post related to the track keyword using a comprehensive analytics like Gephi. Gephi is an open source tool and was quick to learn and explore.

ApproachThe dots were discrete. The approach that we thought was

1.We will fetch all the tweets and FB posts from the corresponding social media platforms and then convert them into GEXF (Graph Exchange XML format) or GDF format which can be read by Gephi
2.We will rank them by degree and assign colors according to…

NetMe Integration with Facebook

How NetMe is interacting with Facebook
NetMe a BigData analytics tool is based on analysis of tweets posted in Twitter and posts published in Facebook. NetMe was created with an intention to give one single platform to the viewer to view all latest discussion corresponding to a keyword. In the current version of NetMe we are giving the ability of searching a particular keyword in Twitter or Facebook. We are enabling user to see all the discussion pertaining to his LinkedIn profile, and most importantly, out of thousands of daily news we are recommending user to read most popular news which are getting discussed in the social platforms. Why Facebook interaction is needed?
Facebook is getting adopted crazily. Its exponential popularity is making it a favorite platform to interact personal and professional related messages. I feel Facebook did a paradigm shift after introducing the page feature in its platform. Now companies are including this feature in their marketing checklist. As NetMe …