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Smurf..An ASA based tool in making- Part -1

This will be a blog series of all the learnings during the course of developing a tool on Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) called Smurf. This introductory blog will start with bits and pieces we want to create this tool.

I will not describe on what is ASA on what it does. It is described well in msdn sites. I will try to focus on all the other different tools which are required to create this project.

What are the components? Azure Stream Analytics can work on 3 kinds of inputs. 1. Data from SQL Azure 2. Data from Azure Storage 3. Data from EventHubs. We will touch each component as we proceed. Starting with Event hub component I am starting with the Event hub component first. Why I chose it is because of its impressive success story with ASA. As we know event hubs can work on partitioned data and also helps developer to easily scale up. Therefore a story with Event Hub and ASA will indeed be impressive To build Event Hub support these are the following components which we will highligh…