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Somebody clean my log container, it is growing exponentially

Who has the time to keep a check of log container size. Nowadays most organization rely on cloud  services for storage and maintenance. One of the most common artifact which gets uploaded in these storage account is Logs.

Let me give an example from my experience. I have seen teams using Azure blob storage for storing logs files, dumps, manifest files etc. During investigation these files are downloaded and rendered at user's box. Similarly alert traces go to Azure Table storage.

Now who has the time and effort to keep a check on these storage capacity. I once wrote a simple powershell command which helped me to delete all artifacts older than 60 days as of that day.

Cool! but after 2 months, here comes a mail from one team member saying he is not able to see the containers from CloudXplorer or Azure Explorer.

What happened?? I forgot to rerun my script again and the container grew exponentially again.

OK so now I added a task scheduler which will invoke my script on daily bas…

Does my organization need AzureServiceFabric?

Azure Service Fabric is a technology to provide high reliable stateful/stateless/stateful persisted services. In this blog I want to relate few of the solution which helped me envisage answers for simple day to day problem at work. Microsoft is trying to promote this service currently for both private and public clouds. In Open networking summit of 2015 Azure chief Technology officer Mark Russinovich presented the roadmap of this service which encompasses future release support for Linux and Java containers.
Support for Java can open horizon of comparison between existing technologies prevailing in distributed computing field. Based on same Leader Election and Replication concept, technologies like Hadoop, HDFS, Zoo Keeper already dominate the space. Deep Diving into Azure Service Fabric pops out many similar concepts.
Similarity with existing technologies
1.Data locality in Hadoop = Hot data in Azure Service Fabric (ASA)
Hadoop is having this concept of Data Locality where it tries to co…