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CRMTest - Understanding the Github Repo

This video is created to walk you through the github project for CRMTest. In this video we took an example of a scenario - Interaction with public cloud. The intent was to show the starting point of understanding the whole flow. Hope you guys will like it. Please post your feedback if you have.

Salesforce + Azure = Happy Customers :)


Salesforce Rendition + Microsoft Cognitive API = Happy Customers - Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the idea of including microsoft's cognitive api to analyze image getting generated from Salesforce content rendition at

However yesterday I was facing challenge in connecting the Salesforce file preview image to cognitive apis.

The major challenge was that Salesforce was not allowing me to get an insecure http image url for the preview renditions. Because of this I was not sure how the image url will be scanned by the cognitive apis.

But wait! there was another way to provide the content

Supported input methods: Raw image binary in the form of an application/octet stream or image URL.
The documentation said it can take raw image binary. This was a life saver for me as the rendition apis in Salesforce was capable of giving an InputStream for the generated thumbna…

Salesforce Content + Microsoft Cognitive API = Happy Customers :)

I cannot hold myself writing a blog on a most amazing video demonstration of cognitive api from Microsoft at This video shows a blind person who is getting assisted with emotions through a cognitive api.

Wow!! first of all hats off to this thinking. I bet whoever is seeing this is having the same impression as I have.
They say innovation triggers innovation, and here it is. After watching this amazing video I went through the Microsoft cognitive api at
This to me is a goldmine to solve many real life problems.
The problem that I am focussed now is on driving topic suggestion out of generated thumbnail preview in chatter file post. The idea is as soon as the chatter post with file attachment is made, based on preview thumbnail generation, the salesforce user should be able to see the topics recommendation/suggestion.
Following step helped me to bring out a partial story around this. (I say parti…