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Project Runu- Giving eyes to machine

Project Runu is interacting with Microsoft cognitive apis to analyze an Image and tell the user the details about it. Motivation The motivation of project runu came from Microsoft cognitive api demo. In here it showed a blind person leveraging the power of cognitive api and learning about his surroundings. This led me think of an alternate solution for security cameras, face detection badge swapping machines, tourist helper etc. I will mention about these ideas later. Preparation Time I am a great fan of Node.js. With Node.js you can easily device a lightweight javascript application for your system. The increasing popularity of Node.jsmade Technical Machine team to device an unique IOT device which we know as Tessel. Coding with IOT is no longer a challenge for any node.js enthusiast like me as deployment of code on IOT has never got so easy. In this project I am using Tessel 2, which is having support for io.js. Tessel2 comes with USB support, so any USB supported camera can easily ma…