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For developers only - Runu Apis


Runu has been running live from past 3 weeks and is getting traction on how to interact with cognitive apis. This has been a platform to showcase the learning algorithms of Google and Microsoft, thereby helping any individual to decide if he/she wants to leverage these features in their app or not. 
Runu currently comes with 8 kinds of cognitive Analysis Image detection - Talking to Google VisionLogo Detection - Talking to Google VisionFace detection - Talking to Google VisionLocation detection - Talking to Google VisionCelebrity detection - Talking to Microsoft's Cognitive APIsText Detection - Talking to Google VisionEmotion Detection - Talking to Microsoft's Cognitive APIsWhat is this image (Caption detection)-Talking to Microsoft's Cognitive APIsSentiment Analysis for text - Talking to Google NLP The app has an hybrid mechanism to talk to both Google and Microsoft apis in order to leverage both the features in analyzing an im…

Project Runu - Try it out yourself

Ever imagined how robots in future will understand object. 

Well, here it is... Introducing Runu vision which works with Google Vision apis to understand what is there in an image. 

 Find out exciting stuff where the system not only understand the images but also learn about them. 


 Copy and paste any image url and click on Analyze button and see how the system understands what is there in the image. 

 For further questions ask

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