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Firebase authentication with Ionic creator

Why Ionic creator?

Mobile first is the new mantra of today's applications. Building mobile based apps has also seen a huge growth from early 90s. Along with languages like swift and Java, which are focussed on specific environments like IOS and Android respectively, we have seen good traction on platforms like phonegap and cordova.
Today's startup are aiming mostly on business logic which are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Investing on individuals for each aspects might be expensive. For ex: Instead of having 3 developers, 1 for android 1 for IOS and 1 for web is far too expensive than having 1 for all 3. Here platforms like Phonegap and Cordova play a vital role in binding one code for all 3 platforms.
Cordova is just a fork of Phonegap, but as per my research if someone ask you which one you will chose, I suggest go with Cordova. Phonegap is a adobe project compared to Cordova which is an apache open source project. Being a part of Apache community it seems to b…