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Create an easy #AI enabled Lightning component in #Salesforce using #Gensim

<< If you like to see the component live in my na30 org, please post your email id and Name in this blog comment and I will send you the org details>>
Salesforce is a major player in CRM industry. Among its major key features are Marketing cloud, Sales cloud, Service cloud, community cloud etc. Across all the clouds resides a platform called files. There is a huge potential of improving the way we use files though Artificial Intelligence.

Chatter is another prevalent aspect of Salesforce. This looks like a corporate Facebook platform. Here you share your views, ask questions, update your groups, Follow your peers etc. This is another platform which is having exposed to variant amount of data and can help us infer lots of hidden meaning.

So what I am trying to infer? I mentioned about Artificial intelligence, so definitely we are going to talk about that. In this blog I want to show how we can easily create a Lightning component which can help you do some interesting cool t…